All abstracts for the IIC meetings must be submitted using the online platform or through available communication platforms. Before submitting an abstract, you must go through the conference title, theme and abstract submission guidelines. To begin, go to the IIC meetings home page and click on ‘Abstract Submission button’. Please make sure the information you provided in the abstract submission form is appropriate. Download the sample abstract template provided on abstract submission page. We will use this information in all future communications with you, as well as for conference programme.

Each abstract submission must include no more than 300 words. Please use this link to submit your abstract by 18th March 2019.

Remember that you can edit and re-submit your abstract at any time before making the payment for registration. No changes will be possible after the registration, as the abstracts will be under consideration by the Organizing Committee. Once your abstract is accepted, minor changes will be possible upon special request by e-mail.

click here for additional information on abstract submission

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