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Innovation Info Conferences aims to gather reputed plenary speakers, keynote speakers, invited speakers and fresh contributed featured speakers, young researchers, exhibiting companies and students. This International summit gathers professionals from all over the world, invariable of age to discuss the current-state-of-art in this blooming field of Materials Science & Nanotechnology. A knowledge gathering initiative which provides diversified topics of discussion and insights in unraveling the wonders in the interdisciplinary arena of Graphene, 3D Printing, 2D Materials, Carbon Nanotubes.

This conference makes the best opportunity to reach the largest assemblage of participants from the Technology and Economy. Design of materials with a multi-functional capability is the emerging trend in the field of “Materials Science” and “Engineering” discipline. Conduct presentations, distribute information, meet with current and potential scientists, and make a splash with new researches and its developments in this Conference. Energy storage and conversion are one of the areas where a graphene application shows the most emerging technologies. This 2-day Event (ICGPT2019) helps in assembling all the professionals who have contributed to the elevation in the research at a single floor to effectively and efficiently discuss the novel strategies. This interdisciplinary arena also has its significant and remarkable footmark in various blooming areas of display technologies, self-healing materials for lithium ion batteries, Solar cells, biosensors, drug delivery, energy etc.,

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Academics and Researchers

IIC's research conferences is to inspire, innovate, recognize and share knowledge. At Innovation Info Conferences researchers, academics, scholars and students exchange, reflect and share new ideas, research concepts and solutions adopted.


Innovation info Conferences provides access to chemical, medical, biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies to exhibit, Share, grow and promote their products and services through our International platform.


For companies those are in a Pilot stage can avail the support and exposure through Innovation Info Conferences. IIC is glad to support recently formed companies, in their early stages on building, developing, engaging, on their success and shortcomings.


What impact will the changes in science and technology and healthcare policies have on businesses. Innovation Info Conferences provide an open forum for you to ask these questions, directly to the people responsible.

Industry / Company

Innovation Info Conferences provide ample opportunities to network and grow your business. Board the train and grab the opportunity NOW!

Associations and Collaborations

Innovation Info Conferences enables individuals to work together to achieve defined and specific goal by relying on openness and knowledge sharing. We aim to provide platform to associations and collaborations to serve the common purpose.


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